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Full Service for Caravans/Motorhomes

What’s included:

Habitation checks

Our habitation services are carried out to ensure that your caravan or motorhome is safe to live in, this includes a damp test and thoroughly checking furniture condition and operation.

Floor delamination

From time to time, we do see caravans showing signs of spongy floors. In this case we can offer various solutions dependent on the severity of the floor

delamination. It is always advisable to have any soft/spongy flooring repaired in good time to prevent further movement/spreading.


Damp testing

Your Caravan or motorhome will receive a full damp test with an in-depth report Faulty seals around windows, doors and roof lights are other areas where water can seep in. And, awning rails can be at the center of a damp problem. Left alone, water ingress and damp, can quickly cause quite a bit of damage to your caravan or motorhome. But act quickly and the problem can be easily sorted. An annual habitation check or service should always include a check for damp, and highlights the importance of booking your caravan or motorhome in for an inspection each year to keep on top of such problems.

Readings between (0-15%) = no cause for concern.

Readings between (15-20%) = engineer to make a note of these readings and re-check at next service.

Readings between (20-24%) = possible early signs of ingress, look for tangible evidence or ask for a re-check.

Readings between (25-30%) = moisture evident, remedial work required. May not need stripdown unless surface damage (staining, pimpling, and softness) is apparent.

Reading (31% and above) = structural damage is occurring, deterioration inevitable. A full stripdown of the affected area is required.


Included within each caravan service we not only check the condition of the caravan tyres eg. side walls for splits, cracks, punctures etc, we also check the age of the tyre. Once a tyre reaches 5 years old we advise the customer of this and give them the choice of having them replaced whilst their caravan is with us for repair, or on a future date to suit. Although the tyres may look ‘like new’ its a well known fact throughout the caravan industry that tyres on caravans do have a short life due to a large percentage of their lives being stood stored in the same position.


Gas test

Full Service

Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you are thinking of buying a new to you caravan but not sure of what to look out for then we suggest a pre-purchase inspection. I will come to you and carry out the inspection which will be a general safety test and damp test which when complete I hope will give you the peace of mind, especially if you are buying privately where a warrenty isn’t being provided.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Horsebox Chassis Service

  • Remove wheels & wheel hubs (Including any brake adjustment needed + check tyre wear & date stamp)

  • Check the chassis for general condition

  • Check Road Lights

  • Ball hitch

  • Damper

  • Jockey wheel

Advisories : Tyres should be changed at least every 3/4 years, Cracked and worn or out of date tyres not only endanger your safety and others but also that of your horse, don't skip on tyres.


Floor maintenance is essential to protect the health of your horse, cleaning and regular structual checks are vitally important.

Horsebox Chassis Service

Solar panels

By installing a 12volt caravan solar panel on your caravan is an ideal way to ensure that your leisure battery is maintained to the highest standard. After a period of little or no use, a solar panel will ensure that the battery is charged. When you are away and parked up you will no longer have to plug into a power source or use a generator as the battery level reduces.

Motorhomes can be fitted with a charger for 2 batteries. One for the leisure battery and the second output to the motorhome engine battery. You can leave your motorhome in storage and return to a fully charged battery. The alarm will also be fully functional. On site the main focus can be switched to the leisure battery so that it is continually topped up and no electric hook-up will be required. Wild camping is now a real option!)

Solar panels

Trailer Chassis Service

  • Mudguard Steps

  • Boat Trailer Bunks

  • Winch Post Fabrication

  • Spare Wheel Brackets

  • New Replacement Axles

  • Lighting Board and Lighting

  • U bolt Plates And Axle Mounting

  • Boat Trailer Roller Brackets

  • Chassis Repairs

  • 12 Volt Electrics

  • Trailer Electric Fault Finding

​Trailer Chassis Service

Motorhome Awning installation

Motorhome Awning installation

Aerials and Satellite

If you are thinking of installing a satellite dish, aerial or TV installing in your caravan, motor-home or boat then give us a call so we can discuss your requirements, we know how precious your caravan, motorhome or boat is to you, so you can rest assured knowing that our installers are fully qualified and insured. All work is carried out in a friendly and professional manner to high-quality standards and we will always provide the neatest installation possible using the structure of your vehicle to hide cabling. We use always use the highest quality components, fixtures and connectors throughout with our installation service.

Aerials and Satellite

Installation of Reversing Cameras

Subject to our availability at time of booking fitting will be completed at a the most time convenient to you, collection and delivery of your mortorhome can also be provided if required. Prices will vary depending upon the type of vehicle and the number of cameras required.

Installation of reversing cameras

Motor Movers

Choosing caravan motor movers can be a daunting task with many providers available. We have searched the market and using our specialist knowledge have selected Reich and Powrtouch motor movers as our top two motormover brands. Both brands are market leaders offering premium quality products with a back up of a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Neil The Caravan Medic can supply and fit a range of motor mover models to suit your needs. Our mobile service offers on-site fitting. We also offer supply only or a fitting only service.

Motor Movers


Overseal can also be carried out over most joins of the caravan as prevention to leaks as well. This is recommended for older caravans, and caravans that are regularly used in wet/poor weather conditions.

When oversealing a van, we will remove any old sealant, cleaning the required areas, before applying new sealants.

Oversealing is best carried out in good weather conditions, and time taken is generally between 4 and 8 hours depending on the size of the tourer. In some cases damp cannot be cured without the replacement of full panels, we will always advise you of the best option and at the very least, prevent the problem worsening.


Overseal can also be carried out over most joins of the caravan as prevention to leaks as well. This is recommended for older caravans, and caravans that are regularly used in wet/poor weather conditions.

When oversealing a van, we will remove any old sealant, cleaning the required areas, before applying new sealants.

Oversealing is best carried out in good weather conditions, and time taken is generally between 4 and 8 hours depending on the size of the tourer. In some cases damp cannot be cured without the replacement of full panels, we will always advise you of the best option and at the very least, prevent the problem worsening.



Replacement Caravan Windows and Window Rubbers



TV Installation

External 240v sockets, internal 240v sockets, BBQ Points

Appliance servicing and repairs

We are able to offer a call out and troubleshooting service for appliances that are not working correctly. This may be your Fridge, Heating System, Water System, Cooker and Toilet

Caravan and Motorhome cleaning and valeting service

We offer single and twin axle caravan washing and motorhome cleaning and valeting service.


Draining Down

Caravans, Mortor homes, and boats all require a draindown there are two reasons you will want to drain down your caravan, motorhome or boat water system. The most common use is winterising - a complete drain down for winter is the best way to totally protect your mobile home against frost and burst pipes. By the end of the process your system will be bone dry. Finally, all the taps should be left in the on position. This will allow fresh air to circulate keeping the lines fresh and any missed residual water to freeze and creep up the lines and not burst out of them.

Benefits of drain down: you can be assured that your caravan, motorhome or boat has complete FROST PROTECTION IN THE WINTERTIME. Instead of worrying whether you are going to be Winter’s next victim, another statistic with an insurance company that may refuse to pay you, as they will call it “negligence”, have the confidence to know that water has been removed around vital often fragile components such as pumps, water taps, shower blocks or any copper water lines.

Further benefits can be realised such as, by draining down, you can have the FRESHEST OF DRINKING WATER EVERYTIME YOU USE IT. This is particularly of use to touring caravan, motorhome and boat owners with portable supplies, where "running the taps" is not an option, thus saving lengthy trips to the standpipe. Why use stale water when you can have fresh water for drinking beverages, washing, brushing teeth and preparing fruit and vegetables.

NO MORE BOTTLED WATER. Water has become expensive and let’s be honest, who knows where it comes from.

You can BE BETTER TO THE ENVIRONMENT, by not creating more rubbish for the landfill site with empty water bottles and flushing out your water system several times with perhaps 50L of water before use.

Additional Security

Postcode Lettering to caravan roof panels for theft identification, Alarm Systems



Shower trays and wash basins


Simon can carry out shower tray and sink repairs on caravans, motorhomes, static caravans and boats quickly and efficiently. He is an approved Speedcoat repairer, offering mobile repairs. Being mobile allows us to carry out the work in a place that is convenient to you.

Until now it has been almost impossible to make a caravan shower tray repair, in situ, without removing the plastic shower tray at great expense in terms of time and money. This product enables us to get a quality repair at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole tray.

It is quite common for the plastic shower tray to crack around the plug hole (due to usage) or from heavy objects falling out of a bathroom cabinets when in transit causing chips, cracks or dents.

Once we have sealed the area and repaired the cracks, splits or dents and removed any fictures and fittings to prevent overspray. We sand and smooth the area before finally applying a sprayable coat of the Speedliner over the complete shower tray or sink. This speedcoat system leaves a textured, anti-slip finish. We recommend you do not use your shower/sink for at least 48 hours ensuring maximum cure time for the speedcoat to set.

The advantage of Speedcoat caravan shower tray repairs is that rather than replacing a tray, it can be repaired without taking the plastic shower tray out of the caravan at a fraction of the cost. It is available in a selection of colours​

Medium Blue
Light Grey
Petrol Blue
Dove Grey
Bluebell White
Apple White



Based on our proven fantastic strength, our recommended spray applied product thickness normally averages 1.5 – 2mm.


We offer a choice of 25 stock colours but our most popular colours are White together with our range of ‘white’ hint colours of Apple White, Bluebell White, Barley White and Rose White.


The SPEEDLINER EURO HC® product exclusively used by all authorised SPEEDCOAT EUROPE Dealers / Applicators has great resistance to many industrial, commercial, household and domestic chemicals.

If in doubt regarding cleaning chemicals that may be used please contact SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Technical Advisor.


Depending on the amount of damage and preparation required.


A SPEEDCOAT application usually becomes dry to the touch in about 30 – 40 minutes at average room temperature 22°C (72° F).

Full cure to achieve our proven fantastic strength takes 3 to 5 days depending on temperature.

With sensible care the shower tray is functional and usable after approximately 36 hours.

Colder weather may slow the full cure time slightly but the SPEEDCOAT application will still achieve full functional strength.


The cost of a SPEEDCOAT application may be dependent on the size and complexity of the shower tray or shower cubicle area and if any other repairs are needed such as undertray support or major cracks or fractures to the tray or cubicle molding.


The polymer products used by SPEEDCOAT EUROPE authorised Dealers / Applicators have a lifetime warranty against any product defects with the original purchaser of the SPEEDCOAT EUROPE application.

Appliance servicing and repairs
Draining Down
Additional Security
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